2020 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering
Speaker Schedule

Saturday, May 4th

Sunday, May 5th

Speaker Tent at Tradeshow
Speaker Tent at Tradeshow
Alaska Airmen Headquarters
4200 Floatplane Dr
(On Lake Hood)


0900 - 1700 

0915 – 1015

“Continuing Advances in Headset Technologies”

Allan Schrader, Founder and CEO, Lightspeed Aviation


We’ll explore the historical evolution of headset from passive to active and all that has transpired in comfort, quieting, durability and feature /functions to enhance pilot proficiency and enjoyment. Through Q & A we will discuss areas for further advancements in safety, proficiency, and cockpit connectivity.



1030 – 1130

“How to Pitch Aviation Education to Your School”

Tom George, Alaska Regional Manager, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association


You’re a passionate aviator, and you’d love to see the next generation get inspired to follow in your footsteps. But how do you reach them? Learn how to work with high schools in your area to bring aviation education into the classroom and find out more about AOPA’s High School Aviation STEM Curriculum. This four-year program is completely free to schools, and it’s already helping thousands of students nationwide discover a future in aviation.



1145 – 1245 “DRACO”

Mike and Mark Patey, Owners/Founders of BestTugs


The Patey Twins, Mike and Mark, will talk about their eclectic aviation experience, flying DRACO, and their innovative company Best Tugs.



1315 – 1415

“Advanced STOL and Bush Flying Techniques”

Milne "CC" Pocock, Bush Air

Learn about advanced techniques and procedures for safe flying in the backcountry. The objective of this seminar is to make all pilots attending become safer in this form of flying by awareness of better and safer techniques and procedures. This seminar is FAA Safety Team accredited.



1430 – 1530

“Will Your Airport Be Here Tomorrow?

Warren Hendrickson, NW Regional Manager, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Airports are often threatened by incompatible land use, lack of funding, urban sprawl, poor community relations, noise complaints, unfavorable hangar leases, or outright attempts to close them. Join us for this new AOPA Seminar to learn how you can assess the potential threats to your airport and how other airports have successfully dealt with them. The presentation will:

  • Underscore the importance of building positive working relationships with Airport management

  • Provide GA Pilots with the techniques to counter common problems


  • Introduce the resources to help you improve your airport

  • Include an overview of AOPAs Airport Support Network.




1545 - 1645

“Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Aviation Initiative - Supporting Pilots and Weather Forecasters With New Polar Satellite Products”

Jeff Weinrich Meteorologist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


Come learn about the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Proving Ground and Risk Reduction (PGRR) program facilitates initiatives to increase or improve the use and value of JPSS data products in user products, services, and application or service areas. Building on the success of the Fire and Smoke, River Ice and Flooding, Hydrology, Sounding, and Arctic Initiative, the JPSS Aviation Initiative is the latest endeavor of the JPSS PGRR program to increase the use of JPSS Cloud Products to improve NOAA's products and services in the Aviation Community.



1010 - 1100


Adam White, Alaska Airmen Association Government and Legislative Affairs


Learn about the wide range of advocacy efforts important to Alaskans that the Alaska Airmen Association is involved with. Hear a recap on what the Association has done to protect, promote and preserve general aviation in the Last Frontier.



1115 - 1215

“Judgment and Decision-making: Critical to Safe Flight”

Jerry Cockrell, Ph.D., Capt., MarkAir, Ret., First President, Alaska Aviation Safety Foundation


While physical flying skills are essential to successful flying, the human factors of judgment and decision-making are often overlooked in terms of overall safety. This presentation addresses these issues in an entertaining and informative manner.



1230 - 1330 “DRACO”

Mike and Mark Patey, Owners/Founders of BestTugs


The Patey Twins, Mike and Mark, will talk about their eclectic aviation experience, flying DRACO, and their innovative company Best Tugs.


1345 – 1445

“Protecting Alaska’s Resources from Aquatic Invasive Species”

Mike Buntjer and Aaron Martin; Regional Fish and Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Aquatic invasive species can reduce property values, affect water quality, create safety hazards for boaters and floatplane operators, and reduce recreational fishing and hunting opportunities. Once established they are difficult and costly to manage if at all. Aquatic invasive plant species such as Elodea can reproduce from a single fragment and can quickly populate an entire water body, completely replacing native vegetation. Preventing their introduction and spread is the most effective means to keep Alaska free of aquatic invasive species. During this presentation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will provide a summary of the known distribution of Elodea in Alaska, the collaborative efforts to manage it, and some simple guidelines to consider to help prevent spreading it.



1500 – 1600

“What Can Go Wrong If You Don’t Have A Good Aircraft Purchase Agreement”

James Waldon, Managing Partner at Paramount Law Group


Hear actual stories of cases where an aircraft purchaser or seller had a bad – or no- aircraft purchase agreement. This seminar will contrast that to how a transaction with a good purchase agreement goes smoothly.






This event will be live streamed on the Alaska Airmen Facebook Page!

0800 - 1100


**Location at the Alaska Airmen Building

4200 Floatplane Dr.**

Brian Schiff, Rusty Pilots Presenter, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association


Come and participate in this Rusty Pilots program with fellow lapsed pilots. We will help you understand what’s changed in aviation since you last took the controls and brush up on your VFR aviation knowledge. This seminar is free to AOPA members. Join AOPA today to waive the non-member registration fee of $69 and get all the benefits of an AOPA membership for one year.


Pre-registration preferred – register online at RustyPilots.org/events

1130 – 1230

Flight Service - Flight Plans, PIREPs and More

**Location at the Alaska Airmen Building

4200 Floatplane Dr.**

Andrew McClure, Regional Support Staff, FAA / Alaska Flight Services

The change-over to VFR ICAO Flight Plans is once again on the horizon and approaching quickly. We have some tips for pilots who file flight plans. Alaska Flight Services has been leading the charge for PIREP Improvement in Alaska for the last several years, exploring improvements in technology, communication and dissemination. Come see how we're

changing things for the better.

1300 – 1400

Wake “101”

**Location at the Alaska Airmen Building

4200 Floatplane Dr.**

AFS-410 Flight Operations Group – FAA

1430 – 1530

Barrier-based Safety Management for Pilots and Mx Techs

**Location at the Alaska Airmen Building

4200 Floatplane Dr.**

Paul Salerno, President, Omni Air Group, Inc.

Create personal barriers and risk controls to effectively manage safety.This presentation shows pilots and mechanics how they can apply many of the same controls used by airlines and maintenance repair organizations to manage aviation

safety risks. Based on fundamentals of pride, professionalism and continual improvement, practical examples of personal barriers and controls are provided for real-world application in both commercial and general aviation.


1000 - 1700 

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